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Boomtown Fieldhouse USA

Facility Information

Facility Information: Text
Basketball Net
Image by Ben Hershey

8 Volleyball Courts

Hardwood Courts

Courts are arranged 4x2. They can be configured into men's height, women's height, and 4 tournament style courts with electronic score boards with referee stands. 

Spectator seating around the perimeter of the courts. Regularly hosting 500-600 people every weekend. 

4 Basketball Courts

Hardwood Courts

Four full size basketball courts with adjustable hoop (8 total). Glass blackboard with electronic score boards for each court. Arranged 2x2.

Spectator seating around the perimeter of 2 courts. 

12 Pickleball Courts

Hardwood Courts

Courts are arranged 6x2 with plenty of playing and serving space. Indoor balls are required as this is not clay terrain. Temperature controlled environment with plenty of lights for evening play.

Image by Jonathan Tomas

Open Event Space

Ready to Host

All sports equipment can be removed to provide over 23,000 square feet of hardwood open space to host any sort of event that does not damage the floors. 

Stage, chairs, and tables may be available to rent for larger scale events.

Boxing & MMA Gym

Fight Nights

Through our partner A1 Boxing, the facility has a 2 boxing rings, octagon ring, weight room, and judo mats. Training is available alongside hosting fight events. 

Fight events are hosted regularly.

Aurora Mall Access

Shopping Venue

Connected to the Aurora Mall, limited access is available for everyone to visit the mall during events. Please note, the mall operates different hours than Boomtown, so access may be restricted or not always be available. 

When accessible, the food court has numerous options, department stores, and shops to visit. 

Facility Information: Facilities

Boomtown Facility Rules

For all visitors and attendees

Boomtown FieldhouseUSA

All attendees and players are invited guests to Boomtown’s private facility. We have security cameras as well as staff around the facility monitoring. All teams will sign the RMR facility agreement and be responsible for their families and players to follow the rules. 

Food & Drink

Outside food and drink are permitted, but in turn, every participant needs to ensure no foods or drinks are on the courts to enjoy this benefit. No eating (including snacks and granola bars) on the courts. Tables and chairs will be provided in the team areas for use. We only allow sealed, clear water onto the court area. Anything else will be asked to be removed immediately. Foods in backpacks are not permitted as balls will hit them. Anything spilled, the team responsible will stop play and clean up the mess. 

If you are bringing outside food or homemade food in large quantities, please bring your own garbage bags as this overwhelms the public garbage cans very quickly. Those full trash bags may be left near the public garbage cans for pick up.

The Aurora Mall Food Court as well as concessions will be available when the mall opens at 10:30 AM. Numerous food options are available from In-N-Out to Halal Guys within walking distance. Discount codes may be provided in the future for our food partners on the Boomtown Website. 

Court Etiquette

Team belongings need to stay in the team area to provide maximum court space for serving and defense. Ideally, bags need to remain out of the play space. 

We ask all teams to clean up their area after they play. Even if the trash is not yours, please help and throw it away for the next team. 


Parking is free and plentiful, but due to the sheer volume of cars and traffic, please follow standard safety practices of your vehicle. Please ensure you have no valuables visible or remove them from your car. Please ensure your car is locked. 

Boomtown Facility Policies

1. NO GUM is allowed in the facility. 

2. NO sports drinks, coffee, or tea in playing areas. Water only in playing areas.

3. No standing on tables or bar tops. 

4. NO personal chairs, camping chairs or coolers on the courts that may ruin the court floors. COURT CHAIRS ARE NOT TO BE MOVED. Floor mats and seats are acceptable provided they do not scratch the floors. 

5. There is NO lost and found. Due to pandemic sanitation requirements and sheer number of events, any items left will be thrown away in the evening. 

Facility Logistics

  1. Doors Open: The doors will open at 7:00 AM. Team areas are first come first serve.

  2. COACHES MEETING: The coaches meeting will be at 7:30 AM at the administrative desk.

  3. BALLS: Warm-up balls or carts will not be provided. RMR will only provide a game ball per court.


  5. Wi-fi is through FieldhouseUSA Guest wi-fi.

We will be monitoring the cameras. Failure to respect facility policies will result in the following:

1st Offense - $25 Charge to Offending Club/Team/Person 

2nd Offense - $50 Charge to Offending Club/Team/Person  

3rd Offense - Offending team will be asked to leave and forfeit the remainder of their matches. They will not be invited or welcomed back to the facility. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, or concerns. Thank you! 

Facility Information: Text
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