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Boomtown Volleyball Training Options

Simply Better


General Indoor Training Session


Advance Training Series


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Indoor volleyball skills training to cover passing, hitting, and setting. Recommended for beginner and intermediate players to start here to hone skills and understanding of defensive positions and offensive formations. 

This is open to everyone regardless of skill level. Drills are made more difficult for advance players. 

RSVP on the Facebook events page. 

By Appointment during Summer

Advance indoor volleyball training series. Passing fundamentals are expected to have been mastered. Strength and conditioning are expected to completed separately. Each week builds upon the previous week in this multi-week series. 

This is only open to those who have successfully completed the General Training or have mastered passing fundamentals. Advance techniques for hitting and hand setting are covered here.


Private Volleyball Training

Beach Volleyball Player

Video Reviews

By Appointment Only

$240/Session (up to 4 people)

Includes court fees

Private training for indoor, sand, or grass volleyball. Indoor and grass training schedule by request. Session length is determined by facility and fees.

Sand doubles or fours training availability is limited. Please email for more information.

By Appointment Only


Video review and commentary of game play. Discussion and notes while watching via discord or google meet.

Videos will be shared via computer or uploaded to video streaming service. Can be any volleyball or trainings. Asynchronous review options also are available. 

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High Fives

Volleyball Coaching Training


Volleyball Camps


Training for volleyball coaches that are new to volleyball, refreshing skill sets, or looking to improve their coaching skills. Reviewing rules and answering questions that may not be readily available. 

This program is meant to provide skills training to coaches to understand biomechanical and fundamentals forms for volleyball performance. Coaching coaches through difficult students and identifying issues between mechanical vs strength.

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Volleyball camps are multi-day training sessions with coaches and trainers. These camps are intensively, focused training events that are held during special periods with limited slots available.

Youth camps are focused on boys and girls ages 10-17 around holiday breaks.

Adult camps will be announced based on court availability or hosting partners. Special coaches may host these camps.

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Plank Exercise

Strength and Conditioning Training

By Appointment Only

Mechanics and athletic ability are the required two parts for success. Athletic ability is augmented through strength and conditioning. Boomtown's calisthenics and isometric based program aims to eliminates lifting injuries and garner significantly faster gains/progressions. 

The fastest way to improve outcomes is through strengthening and conditioning. The focus will be on stabilizer muscles and core strength that are often neglected in typical weight lifting. Volleyball requires mobility and flexibility.

This program can be sent as plan or with a trainer during work out at the gym at Boomtown FieldhouseUSA.

Volleyball Training: Amenities
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